Can't use Yeelight YLDP05YL with Mi home


Hi guys,

so I bought one of the new Gen 2 white bulbs. However, I cannot seem to use them with mi home.
I’ve reset the lamp countless times and tried to add it to my wifi. I even get so far to choose what room the lamp is in and to the sharing screen. When I press finish the lamp just won’t show up at all - not in the room I selected and also not in any new room I’ve created. It will create the new room, but it will be empty.

I’m using an iPhone X with the latest iOS and the latest version of the mi home app. I also own the vacuum and the ceiling light, a light strip and a color bulb and all of those work well and without problems.


For anyone interested:

  • The only region the new bulb works with is China Mainland
  • I normally use Hong Kong because for me the response times are better

-> Maybe the servers will get updated at some point to properly support the bulb in Hong Kong.


Please use our own Yeelight App.


@luhaobo you can understand that this is not the answer that we are waiting for.
Most people here love yeelight as much as they love the Xiaomi ecosystem. It would be nice for us to know when you plan to support new bulbs in all Xiaomi servers


Hong Kong server is the same with Singapore server.

The strategy is made by Mihome, cause Yeelight Gen 2 is not sold officially overseas, it doesn’t support add the bulbs.

Yeelight bulb White light version 2 not showing up in iOS mihome app

I’m happy user of Yeelight products, however I can’t use the China server because of lack of voice assistant cooperation.

It would be great to have your remote in version 2 or some kind of another remote switch, which would work directly with your bulbs and other lamps.
I think it would be enough for many users and we could stay only with Yeelight app without engaging MiHome and waiting for Xiaomi’s decisions.


Hey guys,

Any news on when the v2 White bulbs will be supported in Mi Home on the Singapore server?


Not so far.