Can't reset/connect color bulb - Yeelight app searches, doesn't find device

A couple of days ago I noticed my color bulb skipped a routine. Yesterday I decided to manually check it out, and saw the Yeelight app considered it offline. I am having problems resetting it. Here’s what I did.

  • tried to reset it via on/off x5: the bulb would endlessly flash colors and no white.
  • tried resetting again. same as above.
  • tried to unpair it: I can’t find how to unpair in the new 3.0 version of the app (BTW: where is it?), so I try using MiHome.
  • unpair in MiHome app. Try to pair it again - can’t be found.
  • tried reset a few times, but the bulb still flashed colors, and didn’t stop on white.
  • i figured maybe it was a server problem (Singapore), so waited a day to retry.
  • today i try to reset. this time it does stop at white after flashing colors, but still can’t find the device on Yeelight or MiHome apps.

I saw someone else not being able to connect (

To follow up, I was able to reset/connect my Yeelight yesterday, but within a few hours the bulb was shown to be “offline” again. What is odd is that I also have a white bulb, which is working consistently.

While I wait for some feedback, let me add more info. Tried again today to reset, but it stops halfway through binding. I tried to do a manual wifi connection, but although I see the yeelight wifi-spot, it has excellant strength, it just will not connect (again, I’m using the Singapore server, which was suggested a long time ago as being the more reliable one).

Any ideas?

Any update?

Could you see hotspots named with like “yeelink-light-**” in your system wifi settings after reset the bulb?

Yes, I tried the manual connection and I couldn’t stay connected to the yeelink wifi hotspot. I also tried to manually “forget” the connect, reset, and try again but nothing worked.

I’m trying once again right now, and I get somewhere around 80-90% connection (even 100% a couple of times!) and then it fails and says “connection timed out”.

Like I said, the odd thing is I don’t get any drops / disconnections from my white bulb also on the same Singapore server. Since it doesn’t seem to be a server problem (or is it?) could it be the new firmware update you pushed a couple of days ago?

Do you have other Yeelight wifi devices? Do they work?

It seems this is a network issue, could you post the ping result of “” or “”?

Or do you have another phone? You can setup a hotspot with it and try to connect the bulb to it.

Thanks, @dingyichen Yes, like I wrote above my white bulb has no problems and tried using both Yeelight and MiHome apps (please read previous comments). I just tried using another device and still nothing, but like I said, I have no problems with my white bulb.

Here’s the ping:


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=288ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=286ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=284ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=286ms TTL=43

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 284ms, Maximum = 288ms, Average = 286ms” resulted in time out.

Still having this problem after a week. Could I get a little help, please?

sorry for late response, last week was national holiday.

Do you have another phone? Could try to setup a hotspot and connect the bulb through that?
Or could you check your router’s DHCP list and see if the bulb has connected to the router successfully?

Hello!! I have 4 yeelight RGB bulbs on ceiling lamp and exactly the same problem with 1 bulb! It’s hotter than the others, difficult to reset (flash colors but no stop white) and keeps disconnecting from wifi router! It seems a malfunction bulb!

I forgot to mention that the bulb disconnects when getting hot and it has to become cold to reset and reconnect again.It’s completely useless! By the way, i wonder if these malfunction bulbs belongs to the same lot as i receive it very recently from Banggood!?

Hi @weiwei thanks for your reply (and hopefully you all got some much deserved time off!). Yes, please take a look at the whole thread to see the steps I took as well as other info which might be of use. Seems like I’m not alone on this.

And to add to all the info, I just tried to reset/reconnect right now. It tries to “update connection” but times out again at 99%.

Swipe the device card left, you can unpair a device by the delete icon.

Will take a look at it.

I just tried to ping both and, and everything came back happy now. Tried to reset my bulb and it worked. Hopefully it doesn’t disconnect again.

I guess your servers decided to go on holiday too!! Glad everything is up and running again. Thanks again.

EDIT: I was able to connect, but after a couple of minutes it shows as OFFLINE in the app, even though I was able to turn it on - and in fact it’s still turned on. Why? Again, I have two bulbs. The white one is working fine, but the colored one is having all these problems.

Please PM your xiaomi ID. I will help to check.

What do you mean you were able to turn it on? Turn it on from app or from power switch?

I was able to reset, connect the bulb and control it from the Yeelight app. I changed the color from the app, and soon after the light still on, I wanted to turn it off from the app and it shows as offline.

I’ll PM you my Xiaomi ID. Thanks.

When the bulb shows offline in app, means the bulb was disconnected from cloud, has nothing to do with it was on or off.

So, if the bulb was on and connected to the cloud, how did it get automatically disconnected after a couple of minutes - and how do I connect it again and keep it connected so I can use it from the app? That’s my whole problem.

Same problem here! For testing i reset all my 4 yeelight color bulbs and connect them to the cloud in several different order and it’s always the same bulb that keeps disconnecting when getting hot after some minutes working ok…