Can't reset/connect color bulb - Yeelight app searches, doesn't find device


Per the observation that a cool bulb works fine but begin to lose control when it gets hot, I’d say it seems more like a hardware issue than software one. This could be caused by different reasons. Guess you need to reach to the distributor for a replacement or refund.


@liufei, do you have any thoughts regarding the issue described in the original post here?


@vevola interesting that you were able to get a connection even for a short while.

I’ve not heard any response in a while to my problem on here but good to know that someone is getting somewhere with the problem.


@vevola , did you try to turn the bulb off with app when you still control it and keep in that state for a while? If after some time it doesn’t become offline and you still can turn it on anytime with app i would suspect like me you also have a defective bulb that loose control when get hot…


As I’m waiting for replies from Yeelight support, thanks to the other users for your replies.

@Malfunction I sort of have to rule out the hot bulb hypothesis for me. I haven’t been able to keep it on enough for it to actually get hot. I can’t return/exchange the bulb, so before just tossing it out, I want to see if the problem might be either the server or the firmware (see below).

@pete_l I’ve found Yeelight servers often to be spotty. You see even from other replies above that the pinged out, and when I first set up my other Yeelight I had to try a couple of times, different days, before I actually was able to bind it (following other users’ suggestion I found here on the forum).

I’m not sure how stable the Yeelight servers are. Plus what’s odd is that at various times of the day I’m able to reset and find the connection, other times the bulb doesn’t even create a local hotspot (but sometimes it does), sometimes the connection times out. Other times when I try to reset it just loops the flashing colors without ever changing to white, then I try again after a while and it seems like I’m able to begin the resetting process, but it connects or not. It’s all very buggy.

And to be fair, Yeelight support here has always been on point. I’m wondering why it’s taking so long for them to give us an update on this problem we’re having.

Like you said, it’s sorta encouraging that it’s not just me, but other users like yourself are having problems with the color bulb, too.

To be honest, I suspect the latest firmware since it all started to happen when I updated it. You?


@vevola , it doesn’t require much time to get hot… sometimes my defective bulb become inactive in 10 min! But did you try to turn off the bulb with app and keep it in that state? What happens? It become inactive and offline after a while?


Over the past week I was only once able to successfully connect, and it lasted only a couple of minutes. My problem is that I’m actually not able to reset/connect the bulb, so I can’t use the app.


Yes I suspect the issue is the latest firmware. When I got the bulb it connected first time without any issues but it also performed a firmware update after a few minutes and since then I’ve never been able to connect it to my network again.


Maybe we can call the help of @coasterli or someone…


Yes, that would be good :slightly_smiling_face:


Banggood ask me for a video to provide evidence the bulb is defective but it’s quite difficult as it could take >15 min till the bulb get hot and become inactive/offline… Yeelight staff, please help me!


Well, here’s something new: this morning I tried again to reset the light. It does finally flash and change colors, but when it stabilizes to the white light it doesn’t show up on my list, nor do I find the wifi hotspot it should create…


TO all who are having same issue:

We didn’t reproduce the same issue in our lab. I don’t think that’s common issue introduced by the firmware update. Could you please let me know the following?

  1. Did you put your bulb behind some shade that might decline the heat radiation?
  2. Was the bulb installed in position with good wifi signal?
  3. Once you run into the same issue, please cut off the power supply and wait until bulb cool down, then power on again and check if the bulb could back online. DON’T TRY TO RESET THE BULB, IT WILL NOT HELP IN THIS CASE.


Have you had any luck getting the bulb connected?