Can we link the MIjia Bedside lamp (Wifi +Bluetooth version) to Yeelight Bedside lamp (Blue version) by Bluetooth?

The MIjia Bedside lamp (Wifi +Bluetooth version) can be a bluetooth gateway to conect other mi bluetooth device like the Fower Care,Mijia Bluetooth Hygrothermograph…Can it conect to the Yeelight Bedside lamp (Blue version)?

Sorry, the answer is no. Bedside lamp Version 1 is so old and the chip can’t support the new Mijia BLE protocol.

Oh,thanks for your fast answer.Good day

Why not? the lamp can see my plant monitor as a bt device being this older than the bedside lamp version 1.
Bluetooth should be discoverable in any case .

The bedside lamp put too much function in the chip and there is no room to put the secured beacon protocol anymore.

Hi, maybe is google translator but, your explanation doesent sound very technical. If the old bedside lamp can be paired with a mobile phone, it could be paired with the new bedside lamp, same as, for example, my plant monitor can be reacheable from it. A simple firmware upgrade of the old version could help on this, even if the “chip” takes “too much function”.
I bought the new version of the bedside lamp exactly to pair with my old lamp bcos it was advertised it could do it. If it cannot maybe you should need to upgrade the firmware or to refund my money back…

dear, the chip which in the bedside lamp Version 1 chip is too old that it don’t support the new Mijia BLE protocol.The bedside lamp Version 1 was design in the Jun. 2015.In that time, the xiaomi company didn’t built the intelligent home interaction project.Due to the bedside lamp Version 1 don’t support the new Mijia BLE protocol, the bedside lamp Version 1 don’t have the ability to deliver intelligent home interaction(Maybe a simple firmware upgrade of the old version could help on this).This is why the bedside lamp Version 2 come.For example,with the Xiaomi Door Window Sensor(the Door Window Sensor need work with Xiaomi multifunctional gate way update version), you can set that the bedside lamp Version 2 will turn on the lights automatically when door open in the APP. This is the ability to deliver intelligent home interaction of the bedside lamp Version 2 which the bedside lamp Version 1 can’t do.

Hi. Thanks for the answer. I have +30 xiaomi home devices. I understand I can use the new xiaomi lamp v2 with any of the xiaomi automations, but my quesion is not related with using the old lamp directly with xiaomi bride, but use the new lamp version 2 BLE bridge.
Any new/current BLE chip can be compatible with any othe previous BLE technologies. Same as - a new phone from 2017 phone - can connect via BLE to any old BTE device, the new Lamp V2 could be able to pair with any BTE devide, including the old lamp version.
It i here a question of a simple firmware update from, so the old Lamp version 1, so to the new version 2 to be able to pair with it via BTE.
Any possibility of having that firmware upgrade?

As I know ,the bluetooth gateway of the new version 2 is design for some bluetooth devices which can’t work independently,likes the newest xiao bluetooth hygrothermograph.Their relationship is like the Door Window Sensor and the Xiaomi multifunctional gateway

Hi TalaChen. It is not the case, as I can now control my xiaomi plant monitor via that BT Bridge
Here you can see it:

As for our question ,I think we should turn to the Yeelight Staff or their engineer for help. I’m just a xiaomi fans,a ordinary people.Hope that they wouldn’t forget their product although it is a old product

You words “new phone from 2017 phone - can connect via BLE to any old BTE device” is right .But you have forgotten one thing that the BTE 4 can match the BTE 3 but the BTE 3 can’t match the BTE 4 and above.They are unidirectional.The ability for intelligent home interaction is two-way like the people are talk with someone. It require that the devices can communicate with each other. But the old Lamp version 1 don’t support the new Mijia BLE protocol now. So it can’t communicate with the new version 2 or the other smart devices directly
Now I have understood Wei Wei’s words

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Which is the BTE version on the plant monitor?

It is the BLE 4.1

Also not working with Smart Ketle, which is 4.0

weiwei, I have been reading in another topic that this will be finally possible via a firmware upgrade of the lamp. Is that correct?

If I understand correctly, The Ceiling 650 has also BLE gateway? It would work then with “Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Hygrothermograph”?

Yes, you are correct. All Yeelight ceiling lights work with Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth device.

That’s pretty much what we will say for this case.

Thank you for your praise!:smiley: Have a good day!