Can we link the MIjia Bedside lamp (Wifi +Bluetooth version) to Yeelight Bedside lamp (Blue version) by Bluetooth?


Well. I don’t think the answer is right.
I have connected old Bedside lamp v1 to a domotic system (Jeedom) and it can handle perfectly all functions of the lamp, so if the chip is so old how it is possible that a raspberry pi can connect to it?
I think to connect the old Bedside v1 to ble Bluetooth bringe on v2 is totally possible.


You can link the MIjia Bedside lamp (Wifi +Bluetooth version) to the Yeelight Bedside lamp (Blue version)?


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Can you link the MIjia Bedside lamp (Wifi +Bluetooth version) to the Yeelight Bedside lamp (Blue version) through a raspberry pi ?


YES. I can see it from Jeedom application and send ANY Command to it.
Still no answer from Yeelight or Xiaomi on this?
You are not supporting or focusing on clients having old stuff?
If a domotic software like jeedom can connect to the olv Mijia BT only lamp, I dont see why cannot be connected to the new BT bridges. New BT version can always look and be compatible with old versions.
I have paid 60 euros for my old lamp and I still cannot have ANY integration with my +50 mi home devices.
ALSO in terms of old Mijia Lamp software, still nothing to keep the lamp always displayed on the Mi home or Yeelight application. The fact that I need to Look up for the lamp EVERY TIME I need to connect or interact with it is VERY anoying and a big lack from development (your) side.