Call for beta users for Yeelight Android 3.0


Is it a known bug that Homescreen Shortcuts don’t actually appear on the homescreen? Add actions just do nothing.


Just received a new bulb, and tried to name it ‘Yeelight Color Lounge 7’, but can only get ‘Yeelight Color Loung’ so looks like it is limited to 20 characters. Existing bulbs that were named before the beta have more than 20 characters.


i can’t use most of the time, much less trying to test anything.
each app launch is almost always “offline”. and when it’s online it’s not responsive. issues as described.

just me or developer is aware of the issues?


In yeelight 2.3.86 this button is not working properly. I can turn my yeelight ceiling on with it, but not off.

For turning it off i have to use the power button on the devices screen. Is it a known error?

Edit: If light is turned on, i can turn it off with this button, but not on again, if it is off, i can turn it on, but not off again.

Also the status of the device isn’t updating automatically on the devices screen, i have to refresh the screen to see a change.


i have the exact same problem with v3.0 and it doesn’t refresh to show the correct status even after manually refresh it.
this problem exist on my phone android 5.0
most of the time though, when i first launch the app on phone all devices are shown “offline”

strangely enough, do not have the above problems on Fire tablets.



Seems there is something wrong with state subscribe of the device. we will take a look at it.


Can we record calls with mobile recorder on Android ?


the widget isnt not working
it force stop the app when you click the items
android 8.0 pixel


On android 7.1 as well…


Home Shortcut also stops the app!


@dalanik @Malfunction

Have found the root cause, will release very soon.


Another suggestion i would like to make is implemention of “light off” frames in Customization…


Great cant wait

kudos to the yeelight team


Good news, Yeelight 3.0 is UP!


What are the news on this update?? Home shortcuts doesn’t crash app anymore but it’s useless for groups because their state don’t refresh… only shortcuts for single devices works ok…


seriously, PLEASE remove the slider from the device list.

i am trying to press the power button and everytime i touch it, it ignores me because it thinks that i want to slide it to the left… it is SO annoying.

problem two… the status of the bulbs is not updating. i can turn on and off the bulbs from the yeelight app but it doesn’t show in the app. if i open the mihome it shows the status correctly.

personally i thought that there were going to be a lot more fixes before Yeelight believed that this was ready to be released.


Couldn’t agree more. This sliding in device list really makes pressing the button impossible. Either make the button bigger across whole height up to the end of the row, or remove sliding…


Are virtual device removed permanantly or is it just that you will add them later when you have time ?


Have removed virtual device permanently :smiley:


Hi, I have 2 suggestions for the new beta app for Android:

  1. Able to set default page upon opening of the app.
    There are people used to manipulate the lights according to room, there are people who has set the scene that can be easily deployed.
    I would like to suggest there is a setting to decide which page (Scene, Room, Device) upon opening of the apps.

  2. Ability to add homescreen shorcut from Scene.
    This will reduce the steps to adjust Scene.

Thank you for your hardwork.