Call for beta users for IFTTT and Echo

Hi Dear Yeelight users,

We have worked on Echo & IFTTT support for quite a long time, after solving a lot of issues, we finally managed to ask Alexa/IFTTT to control Yeelight devices successfully.

Our Alexa Smart Home Skill “Yeelight” is still being reviewed/certified by Alexa Team and will be published after completing this process, this may take several weeks. Our IFTTT service “Yeelight” is also being reviewed and will be released soon.

For those who can’t wait any longer and also willing to help us verify our implementation by becoming beta users, please send a mail to "" with subject “apply for Yeelight Echo beta testing” or “apply for Yeelight IFTTT beta testing”, you will receive a reply with the detailed instruction and some NDA related statement.

One important thing to note: we only support users who use Singapore server, so all beta users have to reset their devices and re-connect it to Singapore server (if you are not already connecting to Singapare), this may cause all your settings get lost, please consider it carefully before your decide to try it.

Please give us your feedback if you encounter some trouble or find some software issue.


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Awesome! Can’t wait to lose all my settings by connecting to the singapore servers!

But its work it!


I tested the light on off and dim functions are working.
I believe color changing for color bulb and white light warm/cool need to be added

It’s supposed to be there already. Do you have a color bulb?

Yes I have color bulb. But what Alexa command should i use

Alexa doesn’t support color changing and color temperature changing, but fortunately, you can create scene and ask Alexa to turn on your scene.

The way to create scene is: open “Yeelight” app, goto settings and click “scene bundle / scene” and then adjust the lights (can be multiple lights) to the wanted state and click save. Give the scene a decent name, say “bedtime” and then re-discover devices on your Echo, the scene will be present in your device list and you can say “Alexa, turn on bedtime”, then all the lights will be changed to your defined state.

The “scene bundle / scene” feature in the test App is just a demo, we will make it much easier and intuitive to use in official release soon.

Dear Yeelight staff,

I have just started to play with the echo app.

I’m starting to connect my lamps, but alexa doesn’t discover any device.

I connect to the singapore server successfully, the alexa app is installed, by default the skill is already enabled, I try to discover and no success.

I have a uk amazon echo dot, working perfect from my location, Spain.

I also enebled the developer mode on the rgb bulb. Firmware version is 1.3.1_43
The Yeelight app versiion is 2.3.00.

Any advice?
And please, keep up the incredible job that you are doing, with best regards

Do you mean you have two Alexa devices:
Echo dot: which is using English (UK) and it works ok.
Echo: which can’t find any devices?

If I’m right, what’s the language for your Echo and where this Echo located?

ah… , I got your point, you only have one Echo dot and works perfectly for all the services except Yeelight, right?
If that’s the case, could you try to disable and enable Yeelight skill and run discover for several times? Some UK uses do find it’s hard to run the discovery and they finally made it after several attempts. You may also try to switch the language to English (US) and try.


Thank you so much for your kind help!

After a few disable/enable tryouts, the light is working!
I have 30 lights, i will try to connect most of them in the holidays, group, etc…

I will keep you informed.

With best regards,

Great! 30 lights is a big challenge :slight_smile:
With so many devices, you can help us verify the server performance :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’m planning to buy Mi smart wifi plugs. Can they also work with alexa?

I can’t tell, they could, but I don’t know whether they will.

Can I get a Mi account of SGP and I can try to run some test for my yeelight bed light.

Just register one account, it’s globally available

I connect a bedside lamp on my app of SGP server . But IFTTT still shows no opions found on toggle lights on/off trigger.