Blue color (RGB 0,0,255) looks purplish - FW problem?


…so no update


Beta firmware update seems to reolve the problem:slightly_smiling_face:


How do I upload a beta version of the FW?


Just look in this topic:



We have just put firmware 1.4.2_0044 online. Please try and let us know!




Sorry for double post, but two topics with same problem.

I installed Firmeware 1.4.2_0044 and rechecked the colors. Red was fine before, you fixed blue, but green is still wrong.
If I just turn green, red is still on too, that should obviously not the case.

Red 255,0,0

Green 0,255,0

Blue 0,0,255


After the update, blue looks totally blue however if i slide the slider slightly to aqua blue / turquoise the light suddenly appeared blueish white (no gradation between blue and green) and the pure white still appeared warm white.


Colors do seem odd now
If I do brightness @ 100 then:
Blue 255
Green 0
Red any value in 0 - 121 range
Red doesn’t turn up at all
Then Red @ 122 is first value when red led lights up, this does cause sudden jump to pinkish/purple


Can you comment on the following results publishe on another very respected forum:
Abs. Y = 121.069318
XYZ = 1.078024 1.000000 0.719408, x,y = 0.385362 0.357471
D50 Lab* = 100.000000 18.947376 8.917768
CCT = 3703.536271, VCT = 3999.268112
CDT = 3668.977542, VDT = 4023.025210
CRI = 10.8 [ R9 = -189.7 ] (Invalid)
TLCI = 10.7 (Invalid)
CIEDE2000 Delta E = 8.450510


All 3 of my light strips were working fine for months, and then I couldn’t get blue on one of them. The firmware update did fix this.

But now on all my light strips, I cannot get all the colors I used to. For example, I used to have them set to a deep blueish-purple, but now if I move the slider to the same location, it just gives me a standard blue. And this is the case for other colors too. Like another member posted above, there are no longer the same gradients between colors.

What’s going on with these things? Could this be another firmware issue? I do have the latest firmware installed.

TIA for any help!


Still problem with bad calibration color!


Still no fix! Very bad


Yes, very bad, colors are wrong!


Are someone working to fix it?


I think that nobody at Yeelight cares about this problem. They made some small changes. The colors are slightly better but far from perfect. I would assume that they are not going to make any more ajustments to firmware. They already got the money for the half-baked product and that’s it! :frowning: