Blue color (RGB 0,0,255) looks purplish - FW problem?

Hi guys!

My Lightstrip isn’t rendering pure blue color correctly. As you can see below, blue is selected, but the strip light is kinda purple. I even tried to save it as a favorite state, so I could check the RGB values - it’s zero for red, 14 for green and 255 for blue.

Here you can see both red and blue diodes are on.

This is what it looks like when it’s next to my Yeelight RGB bulb.

Anyone with the same problem? Could it be a firmware issue? Above all, can it be fixed?

Would appreciate any help.


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Same here, but it has always been like that in my case.
Never got a Blue form my lightstrips.
With bulbs the blue it’s a real blue instead.

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Seems to me that it’s a firmware problem. I read on a @dingyichen post that a new firmware is going to be out in 2~3 days. I wonder it they fixed this light issue too.

color bulb firmware released today on Singapore and US server, light strip will release soon.

Currently using the latest firmware (1.4.1_40) and the blue color problem wasn’t fixed. Both red and blue diodes are on when blue color is selected.

same here, I was expecting this purple issue to be fixed when I did the 1.4.1_40 FW update on my lightstrips, but the blue is still purple.

Any news from Yeelight staff ? :slight_smile:


No news. I don’t know if this is an unknown issue or if they plan on releasing a fix anytime soon.

Will ask our color mixing algorithm engineer to take a look.

OK, we will check this rgb value.

thank you guys,

you are doing a great job and I like the fact you listen to us on this forum and you give us feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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can anyone here reply if the problem fixed? i just got it yesterday and the blue appear purple. selecting blue in the yeelight app preset making it appear white in color.


same problem here.

The problem seems not to be only for blue, also for green.
The red is always on, so all other colors are mixed.
Only red is intense and correct. (and of course white, because all three are on)

Does that mean the strip is damaged and I should exchange it or is it a firmware problem?

Thanks for your help.
Greetings Udo

Firmeware 1.4.2_0042




Same problem. This is the firmware issue. People from support have a look at this issue it has been unresolved for many months already!


Any news about this? Did you check it?
Hardware or Software/Firmware?
Will this be fixed?
Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Greetings Udo

Nobody from Yeelight wants to address the issue :frowning:
Time to post appropriate reviews for lightstrip on Amazon, Aliexpress, Gearbest!
So that people are aware of the quality of support from this company as well as drawbacks of this product :wink:

Will release a new firmware with new mixed light algorithm to improve it.

Thanks for responding. Can you be more specific on when to expect the new firmware?

i also had the same problem. All the color are influenced by the red that never turn off

isn’t it a bit crazy that someone posted this issue on Oct 17’ which affects all yeelight led strips and four MONTHS later after weiwei’s classic “soon” it is still a “faulty” product? i mean seriously i don’t understand your support. a client paid for your product, you said that you will fix it “soon” (soon usually means at most a month!) so he continues to trust your product and your support so he is not returning the item to buy something else. 4 months gone by, he can’t return the product and he still has a faulty product.

just because your products are cheaper than other big competitors, it doesn’t mean that their quality or support should be either.

It’s useless to ask something from Yeelight support right now and to expect that they will release fixed firmware SOON. They are celebrating Chinese new year till February 22.