App crashes when I try to access customizations

Ever since the latest update I can’t use scenes or access the customization options. When I try the app just closes.

The same happens if I try to run a scene I previously set up via tasker. If I try to access scenes through the app I get this page:

I have cleared the data and the cache and tried reinstalling the app but without success.

I did post this on the thread about the new version of the app but it has been several days and nobody with any onside knowledge has offered a solution yet.

Android or iOS? which version?

It’s Android version 3.0.06. I added in the image I meant to post last night too (I couldn’t work out how to do it from a mobile browser)

In Android version 3.0.06, if you select Singapore server, according to the law of Singapore, user data should store in Singapore. We will do some logic about data transfer. Have you ever show some dialog to show this? Or from the page if post, what happens if you click OK and set the scene again?

I encountered the same issue here, everytime I clicked the customizations menu, yeelight app stopped and crashed, didn’t happen before or after the update.

Yes I saw the message about transferring data just after the app updated. Although it wasn’t particularly comprehensive. I clicked OK.

If I continue to set up the scene it crashes as soon as I try to select a customization to add. And regardless I don’t want to have to set up all my scenes again…

Here the same, the app crashes when i try to reach customization.

It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one. There doesn’t seem to be an explanation or fix forthcoming though :confused:

Yeelight staff, what are you going to do about this? It is very annoying that we can not use part of the app.

Ignoring us apparently. Very frustrating when the you can see that staff have been posting elsewhere but don’t seem to want to provide any assistance with this issue…

we are working on the root cause, no clue yet. be patient and stop posting everywhere.

I’m sorry, but at no point until now have you informed us that you are even looking into the problem. If you don’t communicate don’t blame us for getting frustrated.

Frankly ever since the app update there have been way too many problems. I was really happy with the Yeelight products before that and thoroughly enjoying the experience of using them. Since the update things seem to be getting steadily worse, that’s obvious from the posts on here and your reviews on the play store.

You’ve crippled how I use the bulbs: Scenes don’t work, Tasker doesn’t work properly, I can’t access customizations and I can’t use Alexa routines (because the page is blank and because scenes aren’t working). And you are telling me to be patient. So I’m sorry for multiple posts but you must understand that this isn’t really acceptable and these things should be getting sorted faster.

So now, how many issues do you have, just crash when deal with customization lights or some other issue too? Please list them one by one with details, you can’t just describe issue like “scenes doesn’t work”, because without enough information, we don’t know how to help.

The issue with the scenes is detailed in the first post, primarily because I can’t access customizations I can’t set up scenes as I want to use them. Although some of the scenes using previous customisations do work (so some of them must be on the sever somewhere)

Additionally Tasker can’t access any of the customized scenes because when choosing “Scene” and then “Select Customized Scene” the Yeelight app crashes.

I posted a detailed issue about Alexa Routines several weeks ago in another thread and have had no response.

The issue is this, because things like Alexa Routines and Tasker aren’t working like they should the only work around was to use customised scenes, because I now can’t set-up customised scenes I can’t use any of these things in a useful way.

With my limited technical knowledge can I suggest that maybe something went wrong with the migration of my data to the new server, and that maybe you need to either repeat this migration, or as a last resort clear my customisations from the server. I notice if I change servers, although none of my devices etc are there it will allow me to open customisations without the app crashing.

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I only have problems with customazion, then the app stops

Please provide your Xiaomi ID and we will take a look at your data’s integrity (if you think it’s OK for you).
BTW, which server are you using now and which server did you use before?

I have been using Singapore since the beginning as I want to use IFTTT and Singapore is nearer to my country than the others. And since I have seen the data integration and right after that, I saw duplicated customizations (triple to be exact) and then it stopped working completely as app crashed.

Please stop treating us like we know next to nothing.

By the way, dont you experience the same? Everything works on your side?

I have sent you a message with my ID thanks. I have always used the Singapore server.

Must be something wrong during the data migration. please provide you xiaomi id too and we need to take a look at the data.
we have tested the migration and didn’t see any issue.

Also, Scenes stop working with Google Home as Activate “Scene Name” doesn’t work anymore. But they work with IFTTT perfectly.