Alexa can't change colour

This has only just started happening and might be related to the firmware update. Every time I say ‘Alexa set the main light to red’ for example, alexa responds with the ‘The main light is not responding’ Turning the light on and off and dimming work fine however as well as turning on scenes. Anyone else having this issue?

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Yepp, I have the same problem since last update. Any idea/information, @weiwei ?

Same issue here and apparently there are probs with Hive and Energenie as well

Same problem here in Germany

I’m having the same problem. I’m in the yeelight beta app in US locale.

Yes same problem here. :frowning:
Hopefully Yeelight will fix it soon.

We have fixed this issue. Please try again.

Now it works fine, thanks

Brilliant. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I had a problem when saying ‘alexa set dining room light to red’. I found not mentioning light worked better… I.e. Alexa turn dining room on. Alexa turn dining room blue.

The problem is still persisting. I cant change the colour of the bulbs or my led strips. Alexa just keeps repeating “That only works when your lights are set to a shade of white”. Please fix this!!

That this is happening to me as well. When asked to change the light color Alexa keep saying “That only works when your lights are set to a shade of white”.

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I’ve just set up first bulbs, this is happening for me too…strip light is working fine.

Did you upgrade your firmware to the latest version?

Make sure you upgrade your firmware to latest version since Alexa released their V3 skills and you need latest firmware to work with it.

I have restarted Alexa multiple times (I think this is what triggers the firmware update; there is no explicit way to trigger it) and still happening.

You update the firmware via the app on your phone. I have the latest version and have no issues.

I am also seeing this

Please upgrade to the newest firmware.

I am having the same issue and have updated both the yeelight app and the Alexa app and neither fixed the issue can you help further?

Thank you.