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Hi. Last weekend I got the update of the YL app in IOS. In the appstore the description of the update is only in Chinese language. Would it be possible to provide this in English? I know that there are online translators in the web, but on the cellphone in the appstore it is not so easy, one has to copy and past to understand, which new features the new update carries out. Thx.

We have uploaded English version release notes to App Store.

So could you give me more information, thank you.

  • The country or district attribution of your Apple ID
  • The language of your App Store
  • The language of your iPhone
  • Your preferred language order
  • Your region

You can check the last 3 items in Settings->General->Language&Region on your phone.

Thank you for your fast support. Answer for all questions is German/Germany.
App store is still showing Chinese:

Maybe you could set the information to English if local settings are not Chinese. This may support any other coutry not using Chinese language without the need to maintain any possible settings combination?

Yes, the issue is exactly what you said. German can not be supported as so far.
We will fix it by changing default language to English in next release. Thank you very much.

Hello yeelight!
When to expect local control on lights ? Because you have a lot of lag with serveers! Please make this update because this one is most important. When I create group of 4 lights I have nearly 6-7 sec from switch on to Off also I have a HUGE LAG with color ones.

Hi Yeelight
There are still Chinese here and there in the app even though I set the language of my iOS device in English (Language: English, location: Vietnam)
example, if I turn on music mode, the app still showing the confirmation message (to access the microphone) totally in chinese.
Beside that, the name of the yeelight bulb also in chinese: Yeelight+some+chinese+words

btw, do you plan to release an ipad version for the app

OK, we will look into these issues.

No need anymore. I just received the latest updated app version today. It solved all of those issue. An ipad version & multi languages message for microphone access confimation (English, chinese & Korean) which is great.
I also notice that the app support widget for the lock screen which I can quickly turn on/off the bulbs & switch to some predefined mode (Reading, Home).

Just some suggestions:
Please unified the control to one screen only.
When you choose a bulb (yeelight color for example), there is a screen to control the color & brighness. At the bottom of that screen there’re some buttons: switch, white, flow, favourite, hue … and those buttons are splitted into 2 screens, I have to swipe back & forth to switch been them. But the swipe action sometime is understood as color changing which is annoying. Btw, it doesn’t worth to split those buttons to different screen like that.

Make the controls to change color & brightness more visible & precise
There are 2 scrolbars on the left & top to change the brighness & color. They are hidden all the time and only shown up when the user swipe on the screen with the correct dirrection. It’s ok but I think you should make it visible all the time so the user could easily recoginize it. My wife grab the app the first time after I successfully set it up and she quite configure how to use it without my instruction.
Beside that, when I swipe Left <-> Right or Top <-> bottom to change brightness or Color, the scrollbar doesn’t scroll with the same speed as expected. I scroll from one edge of the screen to the other but the top scroll bar for example just moves part of the way.

anw, they’re just some minor issues and doesn’t affect the experience that much.

I still enjoy my yeelight bulbs a lot. Thank you for a great product.

Thanks for your suggestion and support for Yeelight. Actually, we will make big changes of UI in Yeelight application soon, we will consider your advise. Thanks!

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