Yeelights work with Homey Automation Hub solves server issues

I have tested the Homey Hub with Yeelights and the well-written app plugin on their app web site.

Not another Smart Home Hub you would think.

Voice Control from Google Home and Alexa as the Homey Hub used to control not only all Yeelight products - but all lights that are smart.

The Homey Hub does WIFI/Zigbee/International standards of Zwave/433/868 Widespread/IR sending & Learning
Supports over 40,000 devices.

Points to note:

  1. The Homey Hub connects directly to the Yeelights with developer mode turned so device search in Homey Yeelight App can find bulbs. (Must be on same WIFI Home network as Homey).
  2. You do NOT have to change the servers (I leave mine on China for the Mi home App)
  3. I can talk to directly to the Homey Hub to turn on lights or off *
  4. I can link Google Home to the Homey via: “Okay Google - talk to Homey Office Light On” - it works! *
  5. I can also talk to the Alexa as well linking to Homey*

Other bonuses:

The Homey Hub also works with all the other Xiaomi /Aqara products.
And the surprise - a majority of other smart bulbs as well.

*Voice accuracy depends on the way you have labelled your Yeelights and the associated Room divisions you have placed them in the Homey Setup of bulbs to differentiate lights in voice recognization.

Nice… but at 300 euros… ugh :slight_smile:

You could build one in the form of Raspberry with all the radios now a lot cheaper (hardware and then the hunt for software in open source) but consider your time and the research in doing this. But we are now getting to the era of universal mainstream hubs. There a few startups in the pipeline. Waiting for a new one (ordered hub) at moment. Will post on this when have in my possession. But I am very happy with ALL Xiaomi hardware/progress and Yeelights - now and into the future. Third party hardware automation will also become a feature of the Xiaomi Mi Home. Experimental at this stage.