Yeelight worked for months, now won't connect to router

So I had a RGB bulb that connected previously without issue. I was switching some breakers off on my panel for another reason, now I can’t get the bulb to connect whatsoever. Are these things so flakey?
I’ve gone through the reset process a 100 times, I see the mac address and try to connect, but it times out.
Looking at my client list on my router, I never see it trying to get a DHCP address. I used the US and China domains to try to connect, but to no avail. Am I totally out of luck here?


You need another WiFi device to connect to it first… mobile phone or laptop using yeelight app, in order to make it connect to your WiFi.

Of course I tried with my phone… as I said, I’ve set this up before with it. How do I use a laptop to do this? Is there a Yeelight app for this?


Please use another phone to setup a hotspots with 4G network and try connect the bulb to it, I want to make sure if the bulb is ok. Thanks!