Yeelight work with Google Home


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Hello, ive managed to add the yee light strip from google assistant but when i give the command, it says “sorry, the tv light isnt available at the moment”. Ive selected region as mainland china.

Please help.


only Singapore and US server support Google Home.



I tried the same and still have the same issue (lamp not showing in Google Home App even tho I linked it).
@yusure Could you please try helping me out as well? I own a Bedside Lamp and my Mi ID is 1768570069.

To summerize:

  1. I haved connected the bedside lamp to the singapure server in the Yeelight App
  2. I have added Yeelight Actions in home devices and linked my Mi Account to Google Home
  3. A message is shown, that I linked the account successfully
  4. Unfortunatelly the lamp does not show up in under home control devices thereafter
  • I tried reinstalling yeelight as well as google home
  • I tried desconnecting the lamp and switching servers
  • I even created a new Mi Account which didn’t help

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:


Bedside lamp? Bluetooth doesn’t support Google Home since it has no internet connection.


I have 2x Color Bulbs, 1x Ceiling LIght, 1x Desk Lamp, 1x LED Strip in my household.
I have tried to connect them to my Google Home. Unfortunately Google Home just recognize the bulbs but not the other devices. I have tried the change the server, but without any success. Now I am on a US server and I can still just control the bulbs.
Are the other devices supported by Google Home and if yes, does anybody have a clue what I am doing wrong ?



Hi, your device should be a Bluetooth, i didn’t found it in the backend, because it can’t contented to the Internet!


Can you tell me your xiaomi ID and other device type?


Too funny, just after I have posted my request, everything seems to works without that I have done anything. Maybe there was an update in the background, I dont know, but now the missing lights are displayed in the Google Home App.

Thanks anyways!


THanks Quoderatf…its working with google assitant now.


I’m having trouble selecting scenes using google home - it doesn’t understand the command. I try any of the recommended scenes that come with my lightstrip, for example saying “Ok google activate night mode” and it just says “I don’t understand” etc.

Any ideas?
All the other commands work fine…


Can you see “night mode” on the GoogleHome App?


Hey not sure where I should be seeing them in there? I only see the Yeelight linked account which fountains my one Yeelight strip.


If you add new scenes, you should say to GoogleHome: “Okay Google, sync devices”. try it.


Hey thanks for the tip but didn’t really do anything.

Isn’t there a way to use the recommended default scenes anyway?
As I said all other commands (turn on/off, brightness, set colour) work. It’s just the scenes I’m struggling with.


Recommend scenes can’t be used directly. You need to create new scene and select “Turn on with scene” before saving scene.


I can control my lights with Google assistance on my phone but on Google Home:

  1. If I say: ‘Turn off all the lights’
  2. It returns with: ‘Turning lights off’ ’
  3. Lights are still on…
    How can I fix this?


Try to reset the GoogleHome.


Thanks, it works!


I tried linking yeelight actions with google home control but when I go through the steps no devices are added