Yeelight work with Google Home

Hi Dear Yeelight users,

Yeelight google actions finally got approved by Google, now you can connect Yeelight devices to your Google home and use your voice to control them.

Before you try, please make sure:

  1. Your Yeelight devices connected and work with no problem. (Same as Alexa Skill, ONLY those devices connected to Singapore server could be discovered)
  2. Google Home was setup and work with no problem.

Then, go to Google Home app -> Menu -> Home control -> Add Devices, select Yeelight Actions on bottom of the service list. Follow the instructions on screen to link your Xiaomi account, just as you did in Yeelight app.

If everything went smoothly, all the devices and scenes you have setup in Yeelight app will shown in the result list. You are good to go!

The following commands are supported:

Turn on/off:

  1. Turn on/off [target_device]


  1. Dim [target_device]
  2. Dim [target_device] to xx%
  3. Set brightness of [target_device] to xx%
  4. Turn brightness of [target_device] to maximum/minimum


  1. Set [target_device] to [color]
  2. Change [target_device] to [color]


  1. Activate [target_scene]


  1. target_device could be described as “device name”, “all lights”, “all lights in some room”
  2. target_scene is the scene you setup in Yeelight app

For more details about Google Home, please refer to:

Any problem or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us or just leave a message here.

-Coaster on behalf of Yeelight




awesome, been waiting long enough.
do you have a list of all the valid [color] ?

saucy bravo

The depends what color could be recognized by google home. I didn’t find explicit illustration for that.

nice one yeelight
thumbs up!!!

Well, even magenta and cyan are recognized. Tried yellow, white, red, green, purple and blue. All work. I made a Scene to set the lights to their default warm white, approximating a normal lightbulb. Might come in handy after you set it to one of the above colours.

Hi, thank you very much for continuously adding new features and services! Right now I am using IFTTT and Tasker to control all my Light by voice. I made Scenes for every situation and just trigger them. I can not find the Option for doing that with Google Assistent, but I can see all my Scenes listed under “Yeelight Actines”, could you tell me if there is a way for that?

You can use voice command with google assistant service on your phone or google home. Something like: activate scene_name

Hi there! very nice work!
I have managed to configure my Yeelight Color bulb with Google Assistant, but i have a little problem… I cant revert the color to white…
The turn on/off, the dim and the color change commands are working properly, but when I say “OK Google, change the Color Light to white”, the command is recognized, but nothing happens… Do you have any idea why?
Thank you!

It seems google home has some problem with color temperature changing. We have open ticket to google. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your feedback.I have fixed it. You can try it.

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It is working great! Thank you!!

I just got my RGB yeelight bulbs and LED lightstrip. Very happy with them. However, I’m having issues with Google Home controlling it. Everything is set up correctly including server location. I can control them with the Google Assistant on my phone but when I ask the Google Home, it kept saying don’t understand or light is not set up. So strange considering it’s working perfectly on my phone. I chat with Google and they had no idea why. Any suggestions?

Have you discovered Yeelight devices from Goole home application?

Yeah. I linked the account in Google home app on my phone and managed to see all the lights.