Yeelight wont work in a particular light socket

i have one particular light fitting that no light will work in. I’ve tried a total of 5 separate lights in the socket and none work. (all work in other sockets.)

If i set it up in another socket and them move it there, no difference. But it appears to reset the config on the bulb. (i.e. i have to reset it up in the app when i move it back)

Any ideas what this flashing pattern means?

What voltage do you use, does it match the bulb?

It works in every other light fitting in the house. As far as i know i have the higher voltage version. I have tried 5 separate lights, in the fitting and none of them work. The same lights work fine anywhere else in the house.

The pattern its flashing seems to be deliberate and repeating, i figure its an error code?

Can you make photo of your wall switch?

What are you trying to see from the outside of the wall switch? Its identical to the wall switches in the rest of the house, with no dimmer circuit.

And normal bulb is OK? Can you meter voltage with multimeter?

Yeap, standard bulbs are fine, wemo bulbs are fine.

Just chucked a multi meter on it. For some reason its only registering AC 90v

Thats probably going to explain it…

EDIT: Ah total no brainer… The lights have two switches, The one on my partners side of the bed (that i dont use) has a dimmer on it… Hence the low voltage

This is reason, why I want see switches :wink: