Yeelight won't connect and art stuck in reset loop

Light works fine and then suddenly go offline and won’t come back on. Reset router and try nothing. I delete the lightbulb and try to reset it. The lightbulb gets stuck in a loop but the other one works. Couple hours later the second does the same thing.
They now stuck cycling through the colors and then doing the white flash. They do not pair up on manual or non manual connection set up. They just sit there in flash. I watch the network and they pop in and out but don’t stay long enough to get a connection. They are both close to my smart phone and router.

I have had the lights for literally two days and they are already broken. How do I get replacements?

You’ll have to contact your retailer to receive a replacement.

Is this a common occurrence? I rather try and fix them but I think the wifi module in them is busted.

It is not very common, but in rare cases this may happen.

May I ask where you brought the light bulb from?

I got them from LightInTheBox! It’s kind of a bummer cause the day they worked I really enjoyed them.

Is it possible for me go contact support online before I send then back? I could only find a phone number.

You can contact support from your order details page on LightInTheBox.

Refer to this website to see how to contact support.>>

I did and asked for tech support help. Thank you!

What voltage do you use? And the version of your bulb?

I have the E27 bulbs and am using the voltage listed on the bulb.

Update: one works again and shows up consistently in wifi list. I disconnected and reconnected it twice with success.

The first one is still very much broken and on reset shows up in wifi for about 1 second before disappearing. I think it’s just defective.

Same issue happened to 2 of my RBG bulbs this month. They worked fine for 1.5 year.
How can I verify if it is a hardware issue?

Could you reset the bulb successfully?

How about power off the bulb for half an hour and try again? It seems the bulb’s temperature is high.

It didnt work. It just in the loop of red blue green white blink again and again.

It seems a hardware issue. Which country do you live? Could you contact your retailer for a replacement.

Im in US. They have been working fine for more than one year(I have voltage converter). But two of them stopped working in this month.
I bought from china so i think i cannot get replacement here.


Could you double check the output voltage of your converter? It seems the bulbs fell in the loop of reboot, which my caused by unstable input voltage.

I still have another yeelight which is working fine. That means the converter should be fine.