Yeelight Without 5Ghz

hi all, I’m a college student so limited in what i can do with my wifi. It looks like my primary 2 available wifi networks at 5 GHZ. The public one that is available however is 2.5 Ghz (AFAIK).

Here is the info that I have:

My yeelight cannot connect to the network. I am able to find my device on my phone, however when I go to the next step to look for networks, it keeps returning no networks available.

Do I have any available options. Can i setup a local network somehow, bluetooth, anything?

Or do i just have to return my Yeelight.

Update: I tried pinging the addresses given and found no responses. Using my portable hotspot and laptop, I am receiving replies on these pings. What does this mean exactly? ISP issue?

“pinging the addresses given”, what addresses? given to what devices?

BTW, which app were you using? Mihome or Yeelight?