Yeelight with Amazon Alexa

I’m having the below problem, see if anyone else is having the same:

When I add the Yeelights to my network using MiHome (Mijia) app, I have no problem with integrating with Alexa. However, I cannot create Yeelight group successfully. I have 3 lights in the dining room that I would like to control simultaneously. However, I can create the group in the Alexa Yeelight skills, but not in the MiHome app.

Now on the other hand, if I add my Yeelights to my network using the Yeelight app, I can create the group of 3 lights successfully. However, I cannot discover the devices on the Alexa Yeelight skills.

Any one else has tried this and found the same problem? In short:

  1. MiHome app can integrate with Alexa but I cannot create the lights as a group
  2. Yeelight app can create the group of lights, but cannot integrate with Alexa

We will support group syncing feature in Yeelight app in next release. The basic situation is:

  1. Mihome store the group info in cloud.
  2. Yeelight store the group info locally, and will store it in cloud in future.
    However, our Alexa skill doesn’t sync the group info right now.

Actually, I just changed my server in Yeelight app to Singapore and now it works… that is so strange.

Only SG server is supported.