Yeelight will be launching a new product on Kickstarter this summer

Hi guys,

Yeelight is launching a new product on Kickstarter. With the latest BLE Mesh technology, Yeelight Candela provides a unique and versatile lighting experience. Check it out !


looks incredible!
i have a feeling this is going to be quite popular on kickstarter!

Glad that you like it! We’ll be revealing more details and fun features. :kissing_heart:

I vowed to never back again on kickstarter but may have to break that with this -_-

:cat:You’ll love it!

Will it flicker, like a “natural” candle?

Then it would be a no-brainer… :heart_eyes:


I just backed the super early bird package. It’s the second time in all I am backing something on kickstarter.

I like the design and the idea of the candela.

Can these be plugged into the mains at all times or will they only work from charge?

Either way is working

Just watched the video of the Candela. I am totally the guy on the 2nd video. :blush: still having fun with my wife using alexa and yeelights. :grin:

Please launch some suitable iOS version. I need to install this on my iPhone. I am facing iTunes error 9 while trying to install and update the firmware properly. Please suggest me some useful solution.