Yeelight wifi bedside lamp can't be paired and restarted

I am owner of Bedside lamp and at the beginning it worked quite wall. I was able to pair it with application. However I changed phone (LG G3 to Xiaomi Mi A1) and now I can’t connect to lamp and even I can’t restart. I hold power button and inserting power cord however nothing happen :(.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Do you mean you can’t power on the lamp?

No, no. I can power up the lamp, however when I perform “restart combination” it is not restarted. For example before restart I set red color with touch controls, after performing “restart combination” lamps still glows red. Like restart not working :frowning:

if you have the mijia (golden base) you reset it by holding both power and mode buttons at the same time for a few seconds. It will turn on while you are pressing them, change state a couple of times, then stay fixed with a white light. At this point reset is done