Yeelight White Improvement

Recently I buy this lamps and I am impressed with the brightness of this lights. But I have some ideas for improving this lights to be more useful.
First maybe good option will be when the local switch is switched 2 times the light change from ON to OFF state, or from OFF to ON state this is good option so we can change the switches with momentary switches and lights will be every time available with wifi connection . With this settings if we turn off lights from the switch mobile app is not usable.
Second improvement I think is to make App to work in local network because with cloud-based option we have delay of 3-6 seconds on lights. If you improve with local network delay will be on 1 second or less.
And third and final feature will be Flashing light with option of how many times to blink, this option will make the lights more useful with IFTTT so we can make scenarios for example when the camera detects motion the light will flash 3-4 times.
If you want help with programming here I am to help you :slight_smile:


Have you looked at the developer API? these things are already available, except the 2 x switch toggle

  1. Look at the settings, there is an option called “default state”, that meet your requirement.
  2. We are working on local control now, will be released in next or next next App release.
  3. Customized lights (or we called color flow editing) function will be supported in next next App release.

Which locale do you select, Singapore or China Mainland? Please try with another locale if the delay is high.

I am on Singapore server but with local network there will be no delay! Because in most of time we are using app from home.

For the default state I think you don’t understand me, I was thinking when we press the switch button to switch the light from ON to OFF, or from OFF to ON not with default state. Because with default state every time goes only ON or OFF not toggles. With option to toggle the light will go in both ways.

Suppose the bulb is OFF now by App, then if you press the watch switch, it will cut the power off, how to make the bulb in ON state?

When the switch is switched ON() OFF(1-2sec) ON to change the state IF the light was ON to turn OFF and if the light is OFF to turn ON. :slight_smile:

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That would be so confusing for most of the users… Will consider but with very low priority.

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I think with this option all family members will be able to switch the lights from ON to OFF and from OFF to ON without loosing WI-FI connectivity. Mostly older persons are not using Smart-Phones.

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Imagine this situation, if the bulb is on, then press the switch will cut the power, the bulb goes off, then the people walk away. Next family member comes, he press the switch, the bulb will not on due to your logic, then he will have to press the switch twice to turn on the bulb… This means the behavior of the bulb is undetermined, sometimes you need to press once to turn on, sometimes you need to press three times.

My logic was to change the home switches with doorbell like switches when the switch is pressed the power goes off (reverse version of doorbell working system). And when the switch is pressed once the status of light power goes ON (switched) OFF (back to normal state ) ON the light switch the status. However I found another way to do it! I will make switch with ESP8266 and I will share the code :wink:


Nice, looking forward to your great work :grinning: