Yeelight white bulb, unable to connect

Hi, i received my package yesterday and tried connecting the yeelight bulb to my wifi. It was all successful and I used it for a while. Then, i had to change my wifi settings and ocne i did that, i cant seem to connect the lights again. Iy keeps showing an error after reaching 100%. How do i solve this? Can you help please?

Yep, this can happen when you change something, happened to me once when I wanted to make reservations for bulbs so they all have consecutive IP adresses. Just disconnect your phone from Wifi, clear data in Yeelight application, and reset the bulb. And try again. Reset is done by turning it on/off 5 times (wait 2 seconds after turning on/off) and after 5th time bulb should start color flow if color bulb if white I am not sure what but you’ll see) :slight_smile: