Yeelight white bulb does not reset nor seen at hotspot set ip

Hello i bought / received a yeelight white from online store last friday e27 philips 6.5w …i did try to reset 5x on off procedure…no avail.
Then i set up hotspot using mioo default with password 0x82562647 but the bulb cannot be linked or seen.
Note:yeelight tool was already installed at android phone…
Any alternative solution here or should i return the item?

Any help here is appreciated…If I need to return the item…the bulb only acts as ordinary lamp and not “smart” at all.


Why do you do that (manually setup miio_default)? You just download Yeelight app and follow the step by step instruction of the app.

I did install yeelight and followed steps …searched and reset steps by 5x on and off…did not blinked andb not successful.
I just saw in this forum that you can hotspot…i did try also but to no avail…

When you power on the bulb, will it blink?

No it doesn’t blink at all …the bulb just turned on and off as you control the power switch…

And you can’t find the AP started by the bulb?

Whats AP??is this the application?

Was there any success with resetting the bulb?
I have exactly the same problem - the bulb turns on but doesn’t blink and it won’t reset.
Tried the exact same steps: first via Yeelight app (on a xiaomi note 4) and then setting up the hotspot…so far, no luck.

@Dens082974 @annegn

Please have a check that if there’s AP named like “yeelink-light-***” in your wifi list after you reset the bulb.

you mentioned you bought Philips e27 6.5W? this is not compatible with the yeelight application.