Yeelight wall switch question


I have a question, which is maybe already answered, but I did not find a clear answer yet.

Is it possible to control the yeelight ceiling leight with the normal wall switch?

So if you turn on the wall switch the light goes on, and if you turn it off it goes off again. Or is it only possible to do this with the remote or app?

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I think all Yeelights work the same - so ceiling light should be no exception. I have mono bulbs, color bulbs and led stripe. And they all behave the same. I didn’t change any default settings. When for some reason, my wife can’t turn on the light with the tablet/phone, she just switches the light off/on with normal switch and it just works. So, yes, I think all yeelights work as standard lights with on/off switch.


I am considering purchasing a few LED ceiling lights (and a Mi LED Ceiling for the larger room), and this was one of the questions I had in mind, along with a few others.

  • When turning on/off the light using the normal existing switch, does it remember the last setting? (i.e. If I prefer that room to have 80% brightness)

  • What happens when my wifi router or internet is down? Will all my lights turn on immediately (because the normal switches are ON)? Will I be able to use the lights as “normal” lights using the wall switches if my internet is down?

  • If I turn off the light using the normal wall switch, then back on, will this “reset” the device and hence may run into issues with reconnecting the light to the wifi or phone app?

  • Lastly, can the remote (that is included with the light) control two lights at once? I want to have two lights in my kitchen area but I would prefer to use one remote.

I am wondering this because if my partner or other family members do not want to use Google Home or use their phone, they may just want to use the lights as normal lights. I know that each light comes with a remote, but I do no want to necessarily stick every remote on the wall.

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  1. It has option to remember the last setting, or default setting
  2. Nothing. You are just unable to control the lights with your phone. If you have gateway and aqara switches, it might work even w/o internet Yes, you can use them as normal with standard switches
  3. No, reset is done tuening on/off 5 times quickly, you won’t be doing that regulary
  4. Yes, but only ceiling light. You can’t control bulbs and stripe with the remote.

Thank you Dalanik :smiley:

For question 4, yes - I am referring to having two ceiling lights in the kitchen area. That is great that one remote can turn on/off two lights at once.

I think I have enough peace of mind to go ahead with the Yeelight ceiling lights.