Yeelight V2 Firmware update

Hi, I was about to press the button to buy a few Yeelights V2 but stopped myself because of the following two concerns:

  1. The colour red not being red: This is important to me because red is the main colour I was planning to use.
  2. Standby power being around double Lifx or Hue: This is important to me because at heart I am a greenie. I want to have the lowest standby wattage.

I would like to know from Yeelight staff

  1. Are you working on addressing these concerns through a firmware update.
  2. Are you confident you will fix them?
  3. When do you expect to release the new update?
  4. Is there ever any possibility of your bulbs being compatible with Zigbee through a firmware update.

If the firmware will come soon and you believe you will fix the problems I will go ahead and buy the bulbs now otherwise I will just go ahead and buy a Philips Hue system.

The color problem will be fixed by firmware update, but the power consumption can’t be reduced dramatically.

Thank you for your reply. Could you please indicate the timing of this firmware update?

Yeelight May use more standby than Hue, but you have to take into account the bridge running constantly versus YL connecting directly to the router… it probably ends up about equal depending on how many lights you have. Also the total price for a Hue system is much, much higher than YL - $70 (CAD) for the bridge and $70 a bulb vs $35 a bulb for Yeelight.

ZigBee is a completely different standard than WiFi requiring a completely different transmitter so it’s impossible for it to be enabled in an update.

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the reason we are “unsatisfied” is that they promised a low consumption bulb before they decided to support homekit directly (at some point).

so it has nothing to do with zigbee or wifi. it has to do with the chip they chose and the way they are using it.
they could have used zigbee too and provide a hub for those who are interested into using it with homekit.
that way they could make more money from the apple guys and still keep the standby consumption low.

i have more than 10 bulbs which means that it is like i have a full working bulb working 24/7 when they are on standby.

Hi, I did not get an answer about when the firmware will be released. Could you please give a date.

So what happened guys?Is the color problem been fixed?I got mine and i still have the same problem on firmware 1.4.2_0035.I will appreciate some feedback from this problem…I need to either keep the lamp or return it i only have 5 days left to do so.