Yeelight updates now not working with Amazon Alexa


Hi I’ve updated all my lights and now they won’t work with Amazon Alexa has anyone had this issue? Any help would be appreciated


Which do you updated? The firmware or Yeelight App?
If it’s the Yeelight App, do you select the right server.
And please give us more information about the issue,just like the warning or error notifications or any other information so that we can help you easily.


Hey Sheldon thanks for getting back to me. I updated the firmware on the lights as soon as I did when I try to use them through Alexa she said yeelight isn’t responding and trying to use them through the Alexa app I get there is a problem when trying to turn them on and off. I have deleted half of my lights off Alexa and now she cannot find them to reinstall them
Any help would be appreciated


Please provide following info:

  1. what product do you have?
  2. is there any problem with the device controlling via Yeelight app?
  3. What’s your xiaomi id and which server did you select?


LED bulb colour