Yeelight team please: Ceiling Light 650 totally frozen randomly after FW update

Hello Yeelight team,
2 days ago, Mi Home app (Mainland China server), updated my 2 Ceiling Lights 650 to firmware: v1.5.5_0039 (previous firmware was: 1.5.5_0038)
From that event they both goes offline randomly at least 2 o3 times per day. Even the remote becomes unrenponsive, so it seems the Ceiling Lights freeze until I power down/up them. That’s very annoyng because before firmware update they worked perfect with no issues at all.

How can I solve this issue? Is it possible to downgrade the firmware? Or put me in whitelist for newer beta firmware and check if the issue is solved?

Mi ID: 1744792246

Thank you

No one? :frowning:

What about with the latest firmware?

@dingyichen my actual firmware for Ceiling Lights 650 is 1.5.5_0041. Is better then the old one, but still got offline issue sometime.