Yeelight tasker plugin

This tasker plugin is not working… Every task I created with this plugin doesn’t work anymore. I think it depends from the yeelight app as I always see all yeelight services offline also if they are running…

Thanks for your feedback! We will look into it.

Is there anyone else also using Tasker? Please confirm if it work with the latest release 3.1.00 and leave a message here.


I have that version of yeelight app… and I confirm the plugin doesn’t work

Do you mean devices in yeelight show offline?


The commands to turn on/off set color etc are working fine for me from Tasker…

Can you send me some your examples so I can check if I am wrong in something?

OMG, you are right, it is not working! I forgot I made function in Tasker to check if I’m on the local Wifi and then use Send/Expect plugin, if not only then to use Yeelight! So no, it is not working!

If your bulbs are offline, you can’t control the bulb via the application, so do the Tasker.

What’s your problem?

Simply when you use plugin in Tasker (Yeelight app) and i.e. try to turn on the light with it, it does nothing.

Weird! It works on my side. We will look into it.

hello all,
just tried with my Yeelight (Singapore server), android app v3.1.00 and Tasker v5.1
no problem found so far, Tasker Plugin for Yeelight is works.
I tested with action Toggle (On/Off) and also with scene…

Had the same problem but after turning off miui optimization on my Xiaomi phone it is working fine!

Yes, we suspect there is something to do with the power consumption optimization of MIUI.

Will look into it.


tasker plugin not working on samsung note 8. not able to control yeelight by tasker task

No response at all?
It works fine for me after I set the tasker/Yeelight app not to be monitored by Note 8 and not in the list of always sleeping app.

I don’t know which is the problem for other user, but I can confirm my task works perfect on S7 Edge.
For now I have only one task who switch on/off Light Strip basing on Wi-Fi hotspot connection + time. Previously I had the same task but with position trigger, I disabled it due to high battery drain, however it worked fine too.


Exactly. Power optimization may impact. Please double check.

I’m having the same problem.

I have a yeelight candela and the Tasker plugin to turn it on and off don’t work. They are created correctly but when I try to run them it doesn’t do anything. Any ideas?