Yeelight strip connection timeout


I have been using yeelight strip on Singapore server and it has been working fine. I changed my broadband provider and since then it has been offline. I removed it and started from scratch but it gets timed out at 50%. I checked log on router settings and there are attempts from strip with following message.
“wl1:A device <78:11:DC:66:E7:88> failed to connect to SSID (Device/WiFi/SSIDs/SSID[WL_PRIV2G]) because it provided incorrect login information.”

I have checked 3 or 4 times and password I enter for wifi is correct. I can find yeelight in my available networks (wifi) and if i switch off router and use hotspot from another phone (using 4g) it connects all good. What could be the issue?

Just to add to this. I can’t see the yeelight strip in DHCP list of my router. There are no special characters in the wifi name/password. Any ideas please?

From the information you provider, I think there’s something wrong when your lamp connects to the router. So please have a check with your router settings.

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have tried turning off firewall on the router but it didn’t help. Do you know anything in particular I should be checking on router settings?

Try set DNS “” to your router.

Or you can setup a hotspot with the same SSID and password with your router, connect with it.Then turn off your hotspots and turn on your router to see if it can connect to your router.