Yeelight Strip Connection Time Out

I just purchased a new Yeelight Strip yesterday and I can’t connect it via Mi Home / Yeelight App. Have tried connecting on 2 phones - Sony Z5 (Android 6.0.1) & Nexus 6P (7.1.1) and it keeps getting timing out. Also tried connecting to SG & China and both results are the same, it keeping getting time out.

Could you see the bulb on your DHCP client list after the timeout? If yes, could you logout the App and re-login?
Also, please make sure your SSID and Password is typed correctly.
If possible, please post some screenshot here, so we can have more information.

Unfortunately, I can’t see the bulb on my DHCP client but surprisingly it get connected, right now I have reserved the DHCP IP for the light strip.

Thanks for response. Everything is good now.

Glad to know it’s working.