Yeelight still showing in Google Home

I gave my original bulb to my daughter and replaced it with another (both yeelight LED colour). I deleted the old light from the Mii app on my phone and added the new one, however they still both show on my Google Home app and it says it can’t connect when I change the colour even though the new on does.

Any advice? I’ve already unlinked and relinked the Mii app with Google Home.

Thanks, Lee.

Try to say “Okay Google, sync devices”.

Google Home will sync devices from Singapore and US servers, so please change server from Yeelight app to see if there is offline device in these two servers. If yes, you can delete it and try to say “Okay Google, sync devices”.

Thanks, I never installed the Yeelight app, I was just using the MiiHome app. Found the ‘missing’ bulb on Yeelight app and deleted it.

Thanks again, Lee.