Yeelight started blinking

After a few months using my Yeelight RGBW it started blinking in the last few days. Every 8 seconds it blinks. It’s a very synchronous and constant 8 second of light and half second turned off. This started to happen in the last few days after started using the Homebridge. It worked great for a couple of days but now it doesn’t. All the other Yeelights are working properly with this setup. I tried to stop the Homebridge service thinking that somehow Homebridge was sending wrong requests to the bulb but it still happens with service off. What could it be?

PS:It only happens after an hour after the light is turned on.

This is the issue filmed yesterday:

It seems the bulb’s temperature is too high that caused WiFi chip reset. Are you using the bulb with a dimmer? Could you put the bulb in an open place and try?

Yo thanks for the reply. It’s mounted on a standing Lamp without a dimmer where it has been for the last 6 months. The lamp has a ON/OFF button and it has stayed always with the ON position. It always worked well. Could it be some kind of overheat caused by the Homebridge?

No, it has nothing to do with homebridge, it should be related to hardware issue. You may ask your reseller for a refund.

When are you going to fix it instead of telling people to request a refund?

I started to use the lamp in the Home App from Apple @50% brightness and it is working properly now. However this 50% is definitely way more brighter than the 50% on the Mi Home. I can even say that it feels like 100%. So you can be right, it maybe is a overheat problem caused by the Homekit or something.

If it is clearly broken, then how?

I’ve been using it with 60% brightness and the issue never appeared again. I guess it is a matter of overheat. Beware that this 60% is way more brighter than a 60% using the Mi Home or yeelight app. So I guess there’s somewhere a bug between the homekit and the homebridge yeelight plugin.