Yeelight Smart Bulb with two to one bulb adapter?

Hello, I was wondering if I could use something like this -
A two to one bulb adapter with two Yeelight Smart Bulbs RGBW?
I want to use two bulbs in my room as it is my bedroom and also my working room (I do a lot of reading too) so I want to have a semi-bright light in it (brighter than a single 600 lumen lamp).
Also do you think that two 600 lumen bulb would be enough to light my whole room? It is a small room (around 3m by 4m).

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Trust me its pretty bright if you set it on white mode, for colors you’ll need 2 bulb to get that great color popped.

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Ahh that is great. Do you think that the Y splitter that I linked would work with two smart bulbs?

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I’m using these without problem: