Yeelight Schedule Time Problem

Hi, first of all sorry for my English then thanks for the amazing bulb that you build! :slight_smile:
I’m from Turkey and I have Yeelight Color Bulb. I use Yeelight app for iOS for that. But I have a timeline problem. In my app I chose China mainland. When I try to schedule a time for turn on or turn off or something else it always sets 00:xx. Local time doesn’t matter. Like when my local time sets as Istanbul for example 13:40 I schedule turn off the light at 13:45 for testing but it set at 00:45. And if I change the phone’s time it keeps set as 00:xx. I try to change the local country and I set Beejing, China. At this time it makes 1 hour difference. Example: If I set the Schedule TimeOn: 14:15 it saves it as 15:15.
Please help me at this issue :pensive: I really love my lamp but I can’t use it because off app/time problem :pensive:

Do you have an Android phone, could you try add a schedule with it?

@luhaobo please double check this case

Unfortunately I haven’t got any android phones but I’ll ask one of my friends for it. Still I wish I can use scheduling thing with my own phone cause I really need sunrise mode which I can set up.

BTW I tried with mi home app and IFTTT app but nor of them was succeeded

I tried with android and everything goes worse. Phone can find light’s wifi in settings but when I came back to Yeelight app it can’t find the light.

Any update with the connection?