Yeelight Scenes

i cant edit the scenes for my new lights.

They seem to say “white” instead of “sunrise/sunset/etc”.

How do i set al of them to sunset/sunrise in the scene function?

anyone knows whats the solution for this?

Thanks for your feedback, this is an known issue that needs to be improved. Currently you can program a sunrise scene with the link, and use customized light instead.

Since I’ve just installed the Yeelight app on my new phone, I’m facing the same issue. Is there any forecast for when this issue will be fixed?

Thanks for your reply. Great products and great community!

I really appreciate the sunrise and sunset scenes…
I would like to use it for my new lights in the bedroom…

Any idea if I could use the customization feature to create frames that show sunrise/sunset at a set time?

When this feature will be fixed?

You can add a schedule for a device with a power on light using customized light.

Yes that is awfully complicated. I want to use recommended scenes like sunset, sunrise, flash notify etc.
Old scenes made with 2.x version still work so it should be easy to implement.

If I want to make scene to launch four lights to sunset at the same time, why I can’t do it in the app? Now I must come to this forum, search and read how to manually copy some code and make that custom light.
You can’t expect avarage customer to be able to do that.

Totally agreed…

I too enjoy the scenes. I use them for many rooms in my home.

It’s too complicated to create custom scenes and I’ve been waiting for them to rectify the scenes function.

A specific turn around time for the fix would encourage me at this point…

Will add it back in next release, stay tuned.

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Hello everybody.

Sadly this workaround won’t work for me. As soon as i add any frame (does not matter if color temperature or just color, tried several different combinations of each) to my customized light and try to add (or test) it on my white(!) bulb it will say “not provided”. My colored bulbs work though.
The only frames working for the white bulb are the “pause”-frames.
Please Help! :slight_smile:

Will release a firmware version supports “Brightness frame”, and Yeelight app has also made changes supports it. Stay tuned.