Yeelight says successfully linked but then does not show up as device in google home

Using LG G67 Android and Google Home app I get as far as the message saying that the Yeelight has successfully been linked. My mihome account shows yeelight under permissions.
However my google home app then does not show the yeelight device or list yeelight service as linked ???
please advise.


You should connect to Singapore server or US server.

My yeelight colour 1762731348 won’t connect to google home. I see you recommend Singapore or us server but in Australia only mainland China works. Since trying Singapore and US now I can’t even connect to mainland China again. Please help all I want is it to work with google home

I found your bulb is offline. i can’t tell which server you’re connected to.

I have changed the server to Singapore, connected the light to the no home app and then linked it to the google home app but when I ask google home to turn the it says it looks like those lights haven’t been set up yet even though it says it’s linked to the yeelight

What did you say command?

Ok google turn off lights I’ve changed the nickname to lights. I’ve discovered that if I ha e the google Assistant app open it works but when closed the google home says I can’t do this as it’s not connected even though I’ve connected it through the home app.