[Yeelight RGBW International Version] Support for global wide voltage: 100-220V

Why Yeelight do not sell a International Version to support a global wide voltage? (AC 100-220V 50/60Hz)
Or just sell the 110v version outside the US!

I live in Brazil but I buy the products on sites like Gearbest, and there’s no 110v option, which is really disappointing because the Amazon.com doesnt ship to Brazil!
I’ve buyed the 220v version, but I’m not able to configure in my 110 volts electrical network…

We are considering publish the new generation WiFi bulb (this Sep or Oct) which is brighter and wide-voltage (with a lower price and lower power consumption).


Wonderful news! I want to change all the lamps in my house, I’m already looking forward to the launch …

How is the progress on the new generation Wifi bulb mentioned above?

I’m currently in China and have a handful of the YLDP02YL bulbs spec’d for 220V only. I’d like to take them back home with me where the grid is 110V. I’ve found a couple people online who say that they have successfully used this bulb in 110V sockets with no problems. Is there a significant different between the YLDP02YL (220V) and YLDP03YL (110V) design that makes it dangerous to use a YLDP02YL bulb with 110V? I know the screw size is slightly different (E27 vs E26), but those two sizes are generally interchangeable.

FYI, the yeelight website in English shows the wrong part number for the electric specs for this bulb. According to this page, the YLDP02YL is 110V-60Hz: “https://www.yeelight.com/en_US/product/wifi-led-c”. I think the part number here should be changed to YLDP03YL OR the description changed to 220V-50Hz.

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My 220v version did not work on my 110v socket, I can not sync with my smatphone!

Any news on that? Thanks.

Under pilot production.

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Great to hear that!
I’ll be in touch again later in the year for the (possible) launch date…
Thanks for the feedback.