Yeelight RGBW connected to wifi but connection timeout in app

I reset bulb, found it in app (Yeelight) and click on it. Connect to wifi screen was shown. I filled in wifi credentials and clicked Next. After 99% of progress app showed Connection timeout. Retry was not successful. When I checked wifi DHCP I could see bulb was connected. Also ping is possible. I cannot control the bulb via app :frowning: What should I do? (android 7.1.1)

ping and and let’s see if the cloud server is reachable.

Average response is around 280-290 ms. Both servers are reachable. Mobile phone and bulb are 2 meters from wifi router (no obstacles or walls).

Any response?

Try to ping the bulb and see if it’s reachable.
BTW, where are you from? We have North America server available now, you may reset and try that because the delay is very high for both China and Singapore server.

same here in Greece
tried everything but this thing is not working
i am about to demand a refund and tell people that this thing IS NOT WORKING

In which step did you stuck? Did you have a try another phone to setup a hotspot to connect your lamp?

Tried everything.All steps.ITS NOT WORKING

Had the same issue before. What fixed it for me:

Turn off router and Yeelight (cut power). Turn on router, wait at least 5 minutes (or more, depending on your type of connection) until you are connected to the internet. Turn on the Yeelight now.