Yeelight RGBW Bulb Flickering


I purchased 3 yeelight bulbs upgraded to the latest firmware.
One is working perfectly.
The other 2 are starting to flicker/blink (turn on, then turn off, on, off) every couple of seconds.
This started after ~20 minutes where the light is on.
My power voltage is indeed 220v as required (as the other one works)

What could cause this? please advise ASAP.

Did you see this issue before the firmware upgrade?

Hi weiwei,

I immediately upgraded the firmware to the latest, since I wanted the developer option, so I cannot tell if it worked before.


Did you put the bulb in a slot with a dimmer? We have seen lots of issues caused by dimmer, even users have turned the dimmer to maximum.

Please switch the bulb position and see if you still see the same issue.

Did you solve the problem?

I have the same issue, 6 yeelight bulb connected to a same chandelier and two of them on/off and change their colors by their own without any commands. 4 of them works perfectly without any problem.

My retailer refuses to change it. I really appreciate if you show me a way to fix them ?

First of all, please make sure your voltage is 220v instead of 110v.
Then could you connect that two bulbs through the App? If not, that means the bulb is still in factory mode, then we can send you an Android app to make it enter user mode.

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I am sure, our electric network supply 220 V.
I have connection issue as well, glad if you send the app you told :slight_smile:

Please provide a mail address, I will send the apk to you.
Once received, please install the tool on a Android phone and then power on your bulbs with issue. Wait several seconds, run the app and follow the instruction.

My mail is Thanks

weiwei, unfortunately the program didn’t solve my problem. I plug my 6 yeelight rgb bulbs and connect via yeelight ios app. 2 off them act abnormally without any command. Any known issue you know about that :?

It seems all of your bulbs can be configured and you can see them in the device list, but two of them act abnormally when you control them. If this is the case, the tool I sent to you won’t help. Could you contact your retailer for replacement?

The issue still occurs for me.

Could it be that the lamp is heating? Is there some kind of a log on the device I can check?

Any updates? The issue still occurs - now for a bulb that previously OK - it ON for a while, and then suddenly it turns OFF for a couple of seconds - then back ON. This happens every couple of seconds.

I have exactly the same problem. My Yeelight RGB start to flicking After the update… please help me…

For me reducing the brightness worked… :\

I can’t Connect the Yeelight to the app… i can’t reduce the brightness

What’s your power voltage? Did you use the bulb on with a dimmer?

O have the dame issue, 2 lamps turn on turn off AND random color Like a reset , but the lamps still connect, exists user mode and factory mode ? Help me please

Are you using correct power voltage? 220v for color bulb
Please lower the brightness and see if the issue still exists.

Yes i use 220v convert, i use lower brightness and the bulb lose wifi connection. Thaks.