Yeelight RGBW bulb connection problem hk

İ’ve connection problem with the yeelight RGBW bulb. Its not from my internet provider or the router its checked twice, many owners in Turkey use yeelight RGBW bulb without problem but many people can’t use it, the main problem is “connection time out” issue. İ’ve tried the connection with many phones/tablet the yeelight app see the bulp but at %99 break it up with the error " connection time out " try again. I’ve tried may times with reseting but all the time the same. It would be very helping if you guys solve this ugly problem because i’am not the only one with that problem, half of the buyer have this problem, it is very important for the future of this lamb and Xiaomi brand prestige. I accept problems while it is complex technologie but i big and serious brand must solve the problems immediatly. That is fact. Please for reacting. Thank you.

The connection problem is very complex, but basically you can break them into two parts:

  1. Between your router and the bulb.
  2. The traffic between your ISP and our backend server.

First of all, make sure your voltage is correct. make sure your bulb is connecting your 2.4G network and make sure your password is correct. This is to make sure the 1st path mentioned above is right. Logon to your router and check your bulb is present in DHCP list.

If your bulb can connect to your router, then check the second path. You should be able to ping or If you still have issue, try use your phone’s hotspot and see if that works.

BTW, we are deploying more and more servers around the world to provide better user experience (you can find US server is available now, EU server is ongoing) and we are also making new bulbs with wide voltage range and better connection stability.