Yeelight RGBW Bulb change colour by it self

I just received my yeelights 2 colors and 2 white. one color works without any issue. the 2nd one connected by occasionally it will change color by itself and then it flicker.

i need to turn off the light a few time to reset it to normal color.

Please help.

Hi lordian,

Unfortunately, my bulbs have the same issue.
Do you connect them, with yeelight app ? If you can’t, help team gave a program for fixing the bulb.
If you connect with the app, your bulb probably faulty. You may want to talk with your reseller…

We will look into these issues carefully. All bulbs should be tested fully before going to the market. I think the issue maybe caused by some shaking or bumping during the delivery, some pin got disconnected.

Sorry for this disappointing issue, please contact your reseller for replacement or refund.

Which reseller did you bought your lights from probably i would avoid next time. for me i got mine from Tmall claiming the bulb is really a pain as i need to send it back to China and have them ship to my forwarder.

As for mine experience, the bulb had been 25% failure rate (1 out of 4), quality is questionable. I just hope that the rest of the bulb will stay.

We have shipped over 500,000 WiFi bulbs globally and the failure rate is actually very very low. It’s not fair to say the failure rate is 25% just because 1/4 of your bulb is broken, suppose you only buy one of them and it just happened to be problematic, then could we say the failure rate is 100%?
We surely can understand your frustration and we also feel very sorry for that, we will keep improving our quality control. Again, for international users, please choose your reseller carefully. If you were in China, we guarantee a 100% refund for this kind of situation.


I bought the bulbs from gearbest. We are negotiating the refund of the bulbs. They offer me to send just a new one but i want two bulb replacement. Probably, they gone accept my offer.


I really like Xiaomi, Yeelight and Mi brands. I have lots of gadget in my house which bought from your company… That was unfortunate but my two faulty bulbs seems to be undamaged and the package was seems to fine. I think they were faulty from the factory out. It can be happen in every firm and i am going to buy from yeelight again :slight_smile:

Gearbest, agree for a refund :slight_smile: