Yeelight RGB strange issue with scenes (sunset..) and wireless button


I’ve got many Yeelight E27 bulbs and a few wireless xiaomi buttons.
I used to program some scenarios very easily but I suddenly had a trouble with special scenes, let me explain :

  • When I use the button for classic operations, like ON/OFF, change luminosity etc… It works great.
  • When I try to program my button to launch one of the scene, like sunrise, sunset, birthday, or one of the colors of my favourite, that does not work. I choose “sunset” => " apply ", nothing happens…

I already have a " sunset " already programmed on a wireless button which still works. But If I remove it, I won’t be able to recreate it.

What is the difference between a " ON/OFF" action and an event like " sunrise ", could it be a network issue ?

THank you