Yeelight rgb fail

hi, I have 2 bulbs rgb, they worked properly just a couple days, then just gone crazy, can’t reset them because don’t stop flashing, white and colours, I tried to reset them lot of times but simply can’t! They don’t respond to 5 times switching off on, I’m desperated, I took a video. Thanks.

Hello, what’s your power voltage? And what voltage does the bulb support ?

Usually in Mexico 120, and the bulb says 220.

Do you have other place to put the bulb in and have a try?

Yes, I tried in other place but is the same, same results.the rare thing, is that they worked a couple days, now they are crazies.

Sorry, I thought your voltage is 220v. Actually, the 220v version can not work with 110v.

And does bulbs with 110v exists? Can I contact where I bought them and ask for a refund or change?

Yes of course you can contact the retailer to ask for a refund or replace. And 110v version is available in Amazon.