Yeelight RGB Bulb V2

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I bought the Yellight bulb v2 but I’m a little disappointed : Where are the 200+ lm compared to the previous version ?

For those who are interested, I’ve tested the new Yeelight, sadly only in German

Für die, die es interessiert, ich habe die neue Yeelight mal getestet,


very nice comparison video. but i need to learn german :sweat_smile:
good thing there are texts so it’s still useful.

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I’m currently thinking about an English version. Unfortunately I have too much to do at the moment.

We have tested the consumption of the GEN 2 from the factory:
Sample space: 10 color bulbs and 10 CT bulbs.
Test Voltage: 100v and 220v.
Average consumption of color bulb is 1.06w under 220v and 0.755w under 110v.
Average consumption of ct bulb is is 0.925w under 220v and 0.66w under 100v.

The pictures below show the data that factory providers.

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i received the bulbs yesterday, the colors especially red needs fixing,
the lumens seem ok,
the bulb seems and must be bigger than gen 1 which was already big and should result in space issues on some of my lights.

the main problem (other than color accuracy) is the response time! it actually is really slow to commands. when it is off, there are times that it needs 3 seconds to turn the bulb on via the app.

Thanks for the study. In most European countries the voltage sits above 230V. That increases the consumption even more. Did you connect the bulbs to WiFi for these measurements?
I would still say that for a WiFi connected device a 1W standby consumption is rather large.
Is there any sleep feature implemented?
For example, an ESP8266 or ESP32 (both having WiFi and a lot more features) never go above 1W.

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I got one of those lamp a while back as a try. Overall I’m very satisfied of it. White light is strong enough to enlight the room. It would be really great if Yeelight found a way to lower the drained power at standby state. I didn’t master yet how to use the customization. I’ve learned how to create frames but don’t know yet how to use them. The preset lighting mode such as Sunset are just magical. I have been experiencing a new lighting system. Thanks a lot to Yeelight Team for a good and innovative stuff.

Yes, all the bulbs are connected to WIFI before measurements.

You can program the light whatever you want using this feature :wink:

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Hm, that is disappointing. I don’t know whether it was on purpose, but leaving out the Voltage when saying you target 0.5 W standby consumption was a bit false advertising @weiwei. In overall we can say that there is almost no improvement.
I guess this kind of things happened before as well, so I hope you are more specific next time to avoid misunderstanding and frustration!

As I have already explained, this power consumption is caused by solution changes (for Homekit capability) and the same reason for delay of Gen2 release

funny thing is that the bulb is not ready for homekit yet.
the power consumption is high for something that it is not working and for those of us that don’t use homekit, we are getting all the disadvantages of it.

if the bulb needs to consume that much power for homekit… give us a way to disable these “features” so that we can drop the consumption (which i guess is something that cannot be done).

we have also mentioned that command response time is slower than V1 and issues with color accuracy.
it was mentioned that there will be a firmware update (“soon”) but no-one mentioned what will be fixed. is it just the color reproduction? and when is the firmware release date?

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latest version

says that “it fixes bugs” but it doesn’t say what bugs.

color accuracy is still … not accurate. can we please have an actual red color?

Alright, did not read your answer in the other thread.

I really hope that you did not rush the product to much and that all flaws can be fixed via a firmware update. I hope you did not introduce any hardware flaws by rushing this.

Also I really hope that there is a way to reduce power consumption via a firmware update, although I am rather sceptical about this, since if it was possible, why didn’t you implement it right away?

Time will tell, I wish you good luck with improving, so I can benefit from a better product.

Even if some color are odd like red … The bulb II IS way better than first version And thé tunable white is great and really Warm I love it

Hi, may I know when the second generation of bulbs will be available online on Tmall official shop?

Already on, I don’t know when it will be released on Tmall.

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I finally got my first RGB bulb V2.
But I noticed that inside the MiHome app does not display the switch to on and off, as can be seen in the image.
Does anyone know if it is possible to change this in some menu?