Yeelight RGB bulb Local Discovery

I am trying to write a 3rd party application for Yeelight RGB bulb but I have a problem with Local Discovery procedure via SSDP multicast. I have checked everything I could: the M-SEARCH message, the port 1982, Developer Mode enabled… but I am still unable to get the response from the bulb.

I have Ubiquity EdgeRouter X with Ubiquity AP connected.

Any advice please?

Did you active the “developer mode” in the Yeelight App? It is needed before using yeelight open API.

Yes, the developer mode is enabled

Can you use the open API demo app ( to discover your bulb?

The demo app works fine… Probably there is a problem with my router. I am using Ubiquiti EdgeRouter with Ubiquiti UniFi AP connected to make local Wifi. I think that the demo app works fine because I am running it on PC connected to the wifi network which the bulb is connected too. My app is running on a device which is connected to the router with ethernet cable. I am not an experienced network manager, so I dont know if I should setup something on the router (UPnP, port forwarding or something)…

Could there be a problem?
Thank you for your help

As I think about it, there is probably not a problem with the router, because I can see the M-SEARCH message transmitted from my device on Wireshark running on PC, so the router passes it through. The message is totally same as the demo app do…
I dont understand it :slight_smile:

We have Android demo app, you may try that.


I have the exact same problem : the windows API demo app works when the computer is connected to wifi (it detects my wifi bulb) , but when the computer is connected through ethernet, my wifi bulb is never detected.

Have you found a solution to this problem ?