Yeelight RGB bulb dead after 3hrs

I’m from Thailand (220v) after using yeelight rgb bulb, I heard crack sound then light is dead.

Try with other bulb, it work normally.

any suggestion why it lifetime is just 3 hrs ?

also as I bought it from shopee (Thai online shopping application) I may not get a refund.

Try to reset it by turning it on/off (2/3 sec each) 5 times in a row.
If the led start to blink in different colors after the 5th time, then the bulb is correctly reset, just pair it again.

If there is no light at all your bulb is dead (wich i think is the case here), try to get a refund. If you paid via Paypal and shopee don’t want to refund you, just open a dispute.

Thanks for reply.

I try to reset but nothing happen :’(

Have you tried using the bulb in other rooms in your house?