Yeelight Pulse/Flash Scene

Hi, I just got my hands on LED Bulb (Color).
I use one of them for my phone.
I would like to suggest that there will be flashing or pulse light function.
With this, i can link any notification to it.
For eg, the LED light flashes blue color when I receive Facebook notification, after that, it will return to the original setting.

Another question, can the bulb connect to Mi Band which will turn off the light when I fall asleep?
Thank you.

Regarding the Pulse/Flash, we are working on a feature that will let user define any lights effect they want, will be released soon, by that time, you can “program” your lights as you want and save it then use it.

For MiBand interaction, no, BLE device can’t interact with WiFi device.

Hi, weiwei.
I am using the Yeelight with Autovoice Tasker.
The plugin for yeelight is quite limited.
May I know is there any other plugin?
Or is there any plan for your side to work on the plugin?

One more suggestion/question: is it possible to add Music mode into scene?

I have done as you have advised and it is all working perfect now. Thanks a million!

Hi, Bouli009.

Mind to share what you had done?

Sorry about that. I was replying to another issue but it somehow ended up on this thread. Sorry for getting your hopes up :frowning:

It’s been over a year and the feature still hasn’t been included. :confused:

The feature has been released for more than half a year, it’s call customization light.