Yeelight moon 650 - Change Color and density in Alexa via Skills


i bought the Yeelight moon 650 ceiling lamp and want it integrate in my Alexa System.
For this purpose i can change the color and density of the main LED but not for the RGB Panel.
The skills somehow only save the main light. Is it a bug or is does any other way exist to change it?

Also is it normal that the minimal Light density of the main light (not Night mode) is still very bright?
My Hue Lamps have very low density on 1%.


Currently it has supported change color via Alexa, please have a try with “Alexa, turn <650 name> RED/BLUE”.

Yes, it’s normal. If you want lower brightness, please use Night mode.

The main light does not support adjusting color. You can only change color to backlight.

Can i say Alexa, turn 650 name Red 50% or 100%?
I can change the color but not the density right?

What do you mean with the density? The brightness?

Yes, to say 10% or 100%

Of course you can change the brightness. You can check the alexa command in Yeelight app: slide menu -> third party integration -> Alexa

i can change the brightness only for the main Led and not for the color panel. this was unfortantly my problem

Currently color change is the only command that can be apply to ambient lamp. Others are for main lamp.

Okay thanks, thats what i thought.
Will it be implemented in the future?

We will take a look about it, but i can’t commit anything at this point.

Also a question if its okay, how many lumen or what does the ambient light have?
When i saw the Videos about it the RGB saw that it was really bright.
After installing the lamp it looks like its not so bright or the most is absorbed by the ceiling.

Do you know you could change the brightness of the ambilight with remote or Yeelight app?

Yes, i put it on 100% and it seems much less as comparing to an single Hue RGB Lamp.